Working Team

 Pandelis Perakakis

Pandelis is professor of Psychology and research associate at the Center of Mind, Brain and Behaviour (CIMCYC) in the University of Granada. He is co-founder and current director at Open Scholar C.I.C.

 Michael Taylor

Michael has a PhD in Applied Mathematics and is currently working as a research fellow at the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens in Greece. He is co-founder of Open Scholar C.I.C.

 Vasilis Dakos

Vasilis has a PhD in Theoretical Ecology and is currently working as a research fellow at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

 Thomas Arildsen

Thomas is associate professor at the Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark. He works with signal and image processing; sparse representations and compressed sensing in particular. He teaches Python programming and modeling and simulation. Of particular interest are open peer review and research evaluation, reproducible research, and open source scientific software.

 Michaël Bon

Michaël has a PhD in physics and is a specialist on RNA structure prediction. After a few post-docs, Michael thought it was time to question and rethink the scientific publication system and created the Self-Journal of Science.

 Gary McDowell

Gary is Northern Irish and received a MSci in Chemistry, and PhD in Oncology in the UK, followed by 5 years postdoctoral experience in developmental biology, cell biology and proteomics in the U.S. in the Boston area. Gary is the Executive Director of the Future of Research,, which is a North American organization representing junior scientists, through grassroots advocacy, to promote systemic change to the way we do science.

 Alberto Pascual

Alberto is physicist and received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in Spain. He is currently working as a research associate at the Imperial College London, UK. He is concerned with nowadays quality of scientific publications, and its influence in scientific evaluation, including the increasing number of misconduct cases.

Our working team is open to new members that have the time to contribute to one or more of the organisation’s projects. If you wish to work closer with us, please contact us.