Open Scholar members are active research scientists who have the right to participate in general meetings where they can present their ideas and vote on important issues regarding the future of the organisation. Although membership is free and open to all interested scholars, there is a small list of responsibilities that members are expected to assume:

  • Attend general meetings physically or through videoconference
  • Read posts at the members’ forum and respond where they have specific expertise
  • Vote or express opinion on specific issues when asked
  • Shape and oversee the strategy and operation of the organisation
  • A general commitment to promote the organisation and its goals

To join us please fill out the contact form stating your affiliation and briefly explaining your motivation.


Open Scholar members in alphabetical order

 Kristien Aarts, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher; IMPACT, INSERM, France

 Francisco Álvarez, PhD

Full Professor; Logic and Philosophy of Science; Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain

 Manuel Amezcua, PhD

Professor of Nursery and Researcher in Cultural Anthropology; University of Granada, Spain

 Nick Arefiev, PhD

Associate Professor; Higher School of Economics, National Research University, Russia

 Thomas Arildsen, PhD

Assistant Professor; Aalborg University, Denmark

 Ana Ballester, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Translation Studies; University of Granada, Spain

 Fatmah Baothman, PhD

Assistant Professor; King Abdul Aziz University,Saudi Arabia

 Ronny Bartsch, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher; Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

 Fatma Bassyouni, PhD

Professor; National Research Centre; Cairo, Egypt

 Pedro Bernaola-Galvan, PhD

Professor; University of Málaga, Spain

 Chunhua Bian, PhD

Associate professor; Nanjing university, P.R. China

 Moreno Bonaventura

PhD student; Queen Mary, University of London, UK

 Juana Bretón López, PhD

Professor; Universitat Jaume I, Spain

 Jess H. Brewer, PhD

Professor Emeritus; University of British Columbia, Canada

 Brett Buttliere

Doctoral student; Leibniz fur wissenschaft, Germany

 Julia Maria Carabaza, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Arabic Studies; University of Granada, Spain

 Pedro Carpena, PhD

Professor of Applied Physics; University of Malaga, Spain

 Thadeus Carvajal

PhD candidate; Ehime University, Japan

 Jorge Casillas, PhD

Associate Professor; University of Granada, Spain

 Rupak Chakravarty, PhD

Assistant Professor, currently: Chairperson; Department of Library & Information Science, Panjab University, India

 Chi-Keung Chan, PhD

Professor; Academia Sinica, Taiwan

 Dimitra Chalkia, PhD

Research Fellow; The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, USA

 Hsuan-Yi Chen, PhD

Professor; National Central University, Taiwan

 Claudio Conti, PhD

Associate Professor; Department of Physics, University Sapienza, Italy

 Annete Conzelmann, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher; University of Wuerzburg, Germany

 Vasilis Dakos, PhD

Marie Curie Research Fellow; Biological Station of Doñana, Spain

 Nader Ale Ebrahim, PhD

Research Fellow; Research Support Unit, Centre of Research Services, IPPP, University of Malaya, Malaysia

 Jonathan England

PhD researcher; Bangor University, UK

 Ernesto Estrella, PhD

Assistant professor of Hispanic poetry; Yale University, USA

 Filippos Exadaktylos, PhD

Post-doctoral Researcher; BELIS, Murat Sertel Center for Advanced Economic Studies, Bilgi University, Turkey

 Sanli Faez, PhD

Assistant Professor; Utrecht University, Netherlands

 Juan-Manuel Gomez-Tagle Fernandez-de-Cordova, PhD

Jefe de academia de Matemáticas; Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Mexico

 M. Carmen Fernández-Santaella, PhD

Professor of Psychology; University of Granada, Spain

 Giancarlo Franzese, PhD

 Professor Titular; Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

 Aurora García Gallego, PhD

Professor of Economics; Universitat Jaume I, Spain

 Maria Isabel Maldonado Garica, PhD

Assistant Professor; University of the Punjap, Pakistan

 Nikolaos Georgantzis, PhD

Director of the Experimental Economics Lab in Universitat Jaume I and the EGEO lab in Universidad de Granada, Spain

 Athanasios Georgopoulos

PhD student; University of Granada, Spain

 Stelios Gialis, PhD

 Post-doctoral researcher; Hellenic Open University and University of Georgia, Greece and USA

 Carmen Goicoechea

 PhD student; University of Granada, Spain

 Siddharth Gupta

 Student, USICT; Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India

 Manuel Menendez Gonzalez, PhD

 Neurologist; Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

 Vignes Gopal

 Fast track PhD student & SLAI fellow; University of Malaya, Malaysia

 Rinkaj Goyal, PhD

 Assistant Professor; Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India

 Claudia De Grandi, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher; Yale University, USA

 Gianluca Grimalda, PhD

Lecturer; Universitat Jaume I, Spain

 Pedro María Guerra Muñoz, PhD

Associate professor; University of Granada, Spain

 Neal Haddaway, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher; Bangor University, UK

 Hakushi Hamaoka

PhD candidate; School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

 Ken Houston, PhD

Interim Head of Dept; Webster University, Thailand

 Chin-Kun Hu, PhD

Research Fellow; Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica; Taiwan

 Kun Hu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine; Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

 Plamen Ch. Ivanov, PhD

Research professor; Boston University and Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, USA

 Uca Jaleel, PhD

Principal Investigator; Open Source Drug Discovery, India

 James Joe

Independent Researcher, USA

 Mateus Joffily, PhD

Research Engineer; GATE-LSE/CNRS, France

 Hansika Kapoor

Researcher; Department of Psychology, Monk Prayogshala, India

 Anastasia Kapravelou

IT; Shelter Centre; Geneva, Switzerland

 Garifalia Kapravelou

PhD student; University of Granada, Spain

 Kostas Karpouzis, PhD

Assistant Researcher; Institute of Communication and Computer Systems; National Technical Unviersity of Athens, Greece

 Elka Korutcheva, PhD

Associate Professor; Departamento de Fisica Fundamental, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Spain

 Sujai Kumar, PhD

Postdotoral Researcher; University of Oxford, UK

 Fathie Kundie

PhD student; Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia

 Pik-Yin Lai, PhD

Professor; Department of Physics, National Central University, Taiwan

 Amanda Lawrence

Research and Strategy Manager; Australian Policy Online, Australia

 Mike Lawrence

PhD student; Dalhousie University, Canada

 Jin Li Li, PhD

Researcher; College of Physics and Information Technology, Shaanxi Normal University, P. R. China

 Gustavo Lima, PhD

Professor; Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

 Aijing Lin, PhD

Researcher; Department of Mathematics, School of Science, Beijing Jiaotong University, P.R. China

 Gordon Liu

Director; Copernicus Institute for Physics and Astronomy, Canada

 Kang Liu, PhD

Research scientist; Brandeis University, USA

 Luis Fajardo López, PhD

Associate Professor; Universidad de La Laguna, Spain

 Alessandra Bruni Lopez y Royo, PhD

Research Associate; Centre for Media and Film Studies;
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of Londony, UK

 Manuel Loyola, PhD

Académico/Editor; Instituto de Estudios Avanzados de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

 Timo Lüke

Researcher; Department of Rehabilitation Sciences; Dortmund University, Germany

 Qianli Ma, PhD

Associate Professor; Department of Biological Information, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, P.R. China

 Colin Madland

e-learning Facilitator; Thompson Rivers University, Canada

 Yanis Maistros, PhD

Assistant Professor; National Technical University of Athens, Greece

 María P. Martín, PhD

Science Researcher, Head of Mycological Department
Real Jardín Botánico; CSIC, Spain

 Alfonso Maso Guerri, PhD

Full Professor in Sculpture; University of Granada, Spain

 Marco Giacomo Mazza, PhD

Group Leader; Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany

 Kate Maxwell, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher; University of Agder, Norway

 Gary McDowell, PhD

Executive Director; Future of Research, US

 Stephanie Meece, PhD

Scholarly Communications Librarian; University of the Arts London, UK

 Alfredo Metere

PhD Student; Stockholm University, Sweden

 Ramakanta Mishra, PhD

Associate Professor; School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India

 Daniela Müller, PhD

 Post-doctoral research fellow; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

 Miguel A. Muñoz, PhD

 Assistant Professor of Psychology; University of Granada, Spain

 Athanasia Ntalla

 PhD Candidate; National Technical University of Athens, Greece

 Jan-Hendrik Opdenhoff, PhD

Professor of Linguistics; University of Granada, Spain

 Eli Ruiz Padial, PhD

Professor of Psychology; University of Jaen, Spain

 Panagiotis Papadkos, PhD

Post-Doctoral Researcher; FORTH-ICS, Greece

 Alberto Pascual-García, PhD

Research Associate; Department of Life Sciences; Imperial College, London

 Mojca Vizjak Pavsic, PhD

Science Writer and Psychology Researcher; Freelance, Slovenia

 David Pelta, PhD

Professor; University of Granada, Spain

 Pandelis Perakakis, PhD

Research Fellow; Laboratory of Human Physiology, University of Granada, Spain

 Ma. Nieves Pérez Marfil, PhD

Full Professor; University of Granada, Spain

 Meir Plotnik, PhD

Science Director; Sheba Medical Center, Israel

 Anastasia Polemikou, PhD

Instructor of Foreign Languages; University of the Aegean, Greece

 Oriol Pont, PhD

Researcher; INRIA Bordeaux, France

 Antonios Proestakis, PhD

Research Fellow; Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Italy

  Elena Psyllakou

PhD Student in Social Theory and Sociology; Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration, University of Athens, Greece

  Alexander Phythian-Adams, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate; The University of Manchester, UK

 Angeles Quero, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Translation Studies; University of Granada, Spain

 Jose M. Ramirez, PhD

Associate Researcher; Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research, Venezuela

 Carlos Rascon, PhD

Profesor; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

 Gustavo Reyes del Paso, PhD

Professor of Psychology; University of Jaen, Spain

 Victoria Robles Sanjuan, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Education; University of Granada, Spain

 Nicolás Schöngut Grollmus

PhD Student; Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain

 Manuel João Ramos, PhD

Associate Professor; ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

 Javier Rodriguez Arbol

PhD Student; University of Granada, Spain

 Gerardo Sabater Grande, PhD

Professor of Economics; Universitat Jaume I, Spain

 Guzmán Sánchez, PhD

Research Fellow; Centro Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa, Spain

 Jesús Sánchez Cazorla, PhD

University College Professor; University of Granada, Spain

 Adelina Sánchez Espinosa, PhD

Senior Lecturer of English Literature; University of Granada, Spain

 Concepción Sánchez Adam, PhD

Professor, Translation and Interpreting; University of Granada, Spain

 Leandro Sánchez, PhD

Ciencias Sociales; Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina

 Pedro Luís Próspero Sanchez, PhD

Associate Professor; University of Sao Paolo, Brasil

 Ignacio V. Sandoval, PhD

Professor; Consejo Superior de Invesitgaciones Científicas, Spain

 Manos Savvakis, PhD

Lecturer; Department of Sociology, University of the Aegean , Greece

 Antonio Scala, PhD

Research Scientist; CNR-ISC Institute of Complex Systems, Italy

 Stefan M. Schulz, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher; Department of Psychology; University of Wuerzburg, Germany

 Dimitris Seremetis, PhD

Assistant Professor; Applied Economics, University of the Aegean, Greece

 Ronald Stewart, PhD

CEO; ICOMMR (International Consortium On Microscopic-Macroscopic Research), USA

 Gkergki Strakosa

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

 Ashok Kumar Taduri

Research Scholar; Jawaharlal Nehru technological University, India

 Tarek Taher Jaber Lopez

PhD student; Laboratory of Experimental Economics, University Jaume I, Spain

 Aly Tawfik,  PhD

Senior Lecturer of Arabic Studies; University of Granada, Spain

 Michael Taylor, PhD

Marie Curie Research Fellow; National Observatory of Athens, Greece

 Jonathan Tedds, PhD

Senior Research Fellow & Editor-in-Chief: Open Health Data; University of Leicester, UK

 Andrea Teglio, PhD

Professor of Economics; Universitat Jaume I, Spain

 Luz Thomas, PhD

Research Associate; Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), Venezuela

 Alejandro Uribe Tirado, PhD

Professor-Researcher; Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

 Varvara Trachana, PhD

Research Scientist; Institute of Biological Research and Biotechnology (IBRB), National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece

 Luca Turin, PhD

Quantum Biology Team Leader; BSRC Alexander Fleming, Greece

 Sonali Vadi, PhD

Intensive Care Unit Consultant (Adult); Global Hospital, India

 Foteini Vaki, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Philosophy; Department of History, Ionian University, Greece

 Miguel-Angel Vera-Baceta

PhD Candidate; Murcia University, Spain

 Jaime Vila, PhD

Director of the Human Physiology Lab in the University of Granada, Spain

 Markos Vogiatzoglou;

PhD candidate ; European University Institute, Italy

 Michael Vousdoukas, PhD

Coastal Oceanographer; Research Fellow in Forschungszentrum Kuste, Germany

 Andrew White, PhD

Post-doctoral researcher; University of Mannheim, Chair of Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy, Germany

 Ming-Chya Wu, PhD

Associate Research Fellow; National Central University, Taiwan

 Simon Zabell, PhD

Lecturer; School of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Spain

 Teymur Zulfugarzade, PhD

Professor, Dean; Juridical Faculty
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia