Open Peer Review Module for Repositories

With the support of OpenAIRE, Open Scholar has coordinated a consortium of five partners to develop the first Open Peer Review Module (OPRM) for open access repositories. Our partners include:
1. The institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council (DIGITAL.CSIC)
2. The repository of the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (e-IEO)
3. The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) in Catalonia
4. The Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Library and Computer Sciences (SECABA) in Granada, and
5. A company of DSpace professional development and services (ARVO)

Our project envisions the gradual conversion of existing open access repositories into fully-functional evaluation platforms that will provide the capacity needed to bring back research quality control to the community of scholars and help bridge the gap between academic institutions and publishers. The OPRM has been developed as a plugin for repositories using the Dspace software package, but is designed in a way that facilitates adaptation to other repository software suites such as EPrints and Invenio.

Read more about the project at our related blog post and a post on the OpenAIRE website or download the software code here.

The full text of the original proposal can be found here.

Read the final report and first user feedback here.