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Open Scholar C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company, meaning a not-for-profit organization whose activities, assets and profits are dedicated to the purpose of providing benefit to the scientific community. The non-profitable, community-based character of our company is ensured by the strict and continuous monitoring of the C.I.C. Regulator, appointed by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills of the UK government, and by the absolute transparency in all of our company's economic transactions. As Open Scholar is a private company limited by guarantee, members guarantee to meet the debts of the company up to a specific limit in the event of its failure. They have NO further liability for the debts of the company beyond their guarantee. Specifically, our company's constitution declares that each of the company's members guarantees the symbolic amount of £1.

Open Scholar's mandate is to provide benefit to the scientific research community and therefore, to avoid conflicts of interest, all members need to be active researchers. Members participate in general meetings where they have the right to present their ideas and vote on important issues regarding the future of the organisation. Although membership is free and open to all interested scholars, there is a small list of responsibilities that members are expected to assume:
  • Attend general meetings physically or through videoconference
  • Read posts at the members' forum and respond where they have specific expertise
  • Vote or express opinion on specific issues when asked
  • Shape and oversee the strategy and operation of the organisation
  • A general commitment to promote the organisation and its goals

If you wish to become a member of Open Scholar C.I.C. please fill in the following form with your real name and affiliation. This information will become publicly available at our company's website. Your e-mail address is also required, but you can choose to keep it private. Uploading a profile picture is optional but recommendable. Your postal address is also optional and will NOT be disclosed. We also kindly request that you tell us a few words about yourself and your motivation for becoming a member of our community.

Important note: If your country is wrongly represented or not represented at all in the list bellow please contact us and we will immediately resolve the issue.

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