An Open Organisation

What is Open Scholar?

Open Scholar C.I.C. is a not-for-profit organisation whose activities, assets and profits are dedicated to the purpose of providing benefit to the scientific community. Our mision is to develop ideas and tools that promote open and transparent scientific collaboration for a more fast, efficient and natural organisation, evaluation and dissemination of global knowledge.


At the moment, we run two parallel projects: the development of the Self-Journal of Science (SJS) and the design and implementation of an Open Peer Review Module for existing open access repositories.

At the same time, we are interested in organising or participating in local and international events promoting scientific collaboration and tools for alternative evaluation and dissemination of scientific results, especially in developing countries with limited financial resources.

Organisation and Governance

Open Scholar C.I.C. is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company founded in 2012 and incorporated in England & Wales as a company limited by guarantee with company number 08129292. The registered office address is:

Open Scholar C.I.C.
c/o EBS Voisey & Partners LLP
52 Plassey Street Plassey Street
Penarth, Wales
CF64 1EN

and it is to this address that all correspondence should be addressed.

The formal governance of Open Scholar C.I.C. is provided by a board of directors appointed by members and in close collaboration with the working team, members and the advisory board. All roles are voluntary. Any scholar interested in promoting openness and transparency in scientific collaboration can join as a company member by filling out our contact form, including brief information about their affiliation and motivation. While membership is free, Open Scholar members are expected to meet a minimum list of requirements and have the right to propose new ideas in general meetings and vote on all important decisions regarding the organisation’s policies and future directions.