An open forum to discuss the future of Peer Review

The scientific peer review landscape is finally opening up. The traditional anonymous peer review process is being fiercely challenged by alternative models promoted either by innovative publishers or journal-independent companies. In the light of recent advances, inviting representatives of all emerging initiatives —as well as other independent experts— to an open discussion about peer review may be a unique opportunity to collectively address some of the arising issues, and to create a common ground for future synergies and collaborations. Such a process could hopefully also lead to agreements on methodology and the issuing of specific standards and protocols that would facilitate the interoperability between different evaluation platforms.

Open Scholar welcomes the inauguration of the peer review week (#peerrevwk15) as the most suitable occasion to launch a public forum to discuss the future of peer review. This initiative and its aims have already been endorsed and are enthusiastically supported by important organisations and companies, such as OpenAIRE (@OpenAIRE_eu), ORCID (@ORCID_Org), ScienceOpen (@Science_Open), CSIC (@DigitalCSIC), Sense about Science (@senseaboutscience), Crossref (CrossrefOrg), and Wiley (@WileyExchanges).

Together with the above mentioned organisations, we invite the entire academic community to take an active part in the discussions that may help shape the future of peer review. All participants will be able to comment on existing topics or create new. Existing peer review initiatives will have the opportunity to provide arguments in favour of their concrete implementations. Authors of innovative peer review models can support their opinions and debate about specific theoretical or technical problems. Our aim is to provide an environment for constructive dialogue that will be translated into tangible solutions for the benefit of the entire research community. Join our open forum and have your say!

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