our mission

What is Open Scholar?

Open Scholar C.I.C. is a not-for-profit organisation whose activities, assets and profits are dedicated to the purpose of providing benefit to the scientific community. Our mision is to develop ideas and tools that promote open and transparent scientific collaboration for a more fast, efficient and natural organisation, evaluation and dissemination of global knowledge.

an open organisation

Organisation and governance

Open Scholar C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company founded in 2012 and incorporated in England & Wales as a company limited by guarantee with company number 08129292. The registered office address is:

Open Scholar C.I.C.
c/o EBS Voisey & Partners LLP
52 Plassey Street
Penarth, Wales
CF64 1EN

The formal governance of Open Scholar C.I.C. is provided by a working team of volunteers in collaboration with the organisation’s members.

We are a project-based group. We run different parallel projects and each member of the team is free to decide where, when and how to contribute. Our common vision is summarised in the journal-independent peer review manifesto, and all projects are somehow related to this collective goal.

However, we welcome diversity and invite all scholars interested in promoting openness and transparency in scientific collaboration to join us, share their vision, propose new projects, and help us reach wide consensus on how to shape the academia that science deserves.

Interested scholars can join us by filling out our contact form, including brief information about their affiliation and motivation. While membership is free, Open Scholar members are expected to meet a minimum list of requirements and have the right to join the working team, propose new ideas, and participate in all important decisions regarding the organisation’s policies and future directions. 

Our Working Team

Pandelis Perakakis

Clinical Psychology

Alberto Pascual

Theoretical Biology

Vasilis Dakos

Theoretical ecology

Michael Bon

Biological Physics

Thomas Arildsen

Data science

Varvara Trachana

Molecular Biology

Daniel Sanabria

Experimental psychology

Our Members

Manuel Amezcua

University of Granada Spain

Nick Arefiev

National research University Russia

Pedro Bernaola

University of Malaga

Jess H. Brewer

University of British Columbia Canada

Brett Buttliere

Leibniz fur wissenschaft Germany

Thadeus Carvajal

Ehime University Japan

Jorge Casillas

University of Granada Spain

Rupak Chakravarty

Panjab University India

Claudio Conti

University Sapienza Italy

Nader Ale Ebrahim

University of Malaya Malaysia

Ernesto Estrella

Yale University USA

Filippos Exadaktylos

Bilgi University Turkey

Juan-Manuel Gomez Fernandez

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Mexico

M. Carmen Fernández-Santaella

University de Granada Spain

Giancarlo Franzese

Universitat de Barcelona Spain

Nikolaos Georgantzis

Universitat Jaume I Spain

Vignes Gopal

University of Malaya Malaysia

Rinkaj Goyal

Indraprastha University India

Gianluca Grimalda

Universitat Jaume I Spain

Pedro María Guerra Muñoz

University of Granada Spain

Hakushi Hamaoka

Universidade Nova de Lisboa Portugal

Ken Houston

Webster University Thailand

Kun Hu

Harvard Medical School USA

Plamen Ch. Ivanov

Harvard Medical School USA

James Joe

Independent Researcher USA

Hansika Kapoor

Monk Prayogshala India

Kostas Karpouzis

National Technical University of Athens Greece

Elka Korutcheva

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Spain

Sujai Kumar

University of Oxford UK

Pik-Yin Lai

National Central University Taiwan

Amanda Lawrence

Australian Policy Online Australia

Jin Li Li

Shaanxi Normal University P. R. China

Gustavo Lima

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte Brasil

Gordon Liu

Copernicus Institute for Physics and Astronomy Canada

Kang Liu

Brandeis University USA

Alessandra Bruni Lopez y Royo

University of Londony UK

Manuel Loyola

Universidad de Santiago de Chile Chile

Timo Lüke

Dortmund University Germany

María P. Martín

CSIC Spain

Kate Maxwell

University of Agder Norway

Alfredo Metere

Stockholm University Sweden

Panagiotis Papadakos


Mojca Vizjak Pavsic

Independent Researcher Slovenia

Ma. Nieves Pérez Marfil

University of Granada Spain