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Who we are

Open Scholar is a non-profit, community interest organisation founded by a group of active academics who believe that Science deserves a more efficient, ethical, and transparent system of communication, validation and evaluation. 

We investigate, develop, and promote new ideas, models, and tools for the next generation of scholarly communication. 

What we do

How to join

We are an open group of volunteers that always welcomes new members with new ideas and skills. You can join as a member to support our projects and actions or become part of our working team if you are willing to invest a little more of your time and energy!

Our projects

We envision the gradual conversion of existing open access institutional repositories into fully-functional evaluation platforms. In this project we developed the first open peer review module for institutional repositories build with DSpace.

We collaborate with COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) to identify common behaviours, protocols and technologies that will enable new and improved functionalities for repository systems.

We propose an innovative research evaluation model, which challenges the assumption that formal peer review can only be arranged and handled by journal editors. We invite you to read and sign our independent peer review manifesto!

Back in the days when arXiv was the only available preprint archive and overlay peer review was science fiction, we developed a prototype of a multidisciplinary repository with overlay journal-like services.

Our Working Team

Pandelis Perakakis

Clinical Psychology

Alberto Pascual

Theoretical Biology

Vasilis Dakos

Theoretical ecology

Michael Bon

Biological Physics

Thomas Arildsen

Data science

Varvara Trachana

Molecular Biology

Daniel Sanabria

Experimental psychology

Our partners